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Bay Devil Belts  gives the customer options that off the shelf belts do not.....


Bay Devil Belts are made specifically to the angler's waist size.  Belts are made to fit the specific user perfectly.  Bay Devil Belts can be made to fit anglers with a 30" and larger.  All belts are adjustable - approximately 3" smaller than build size and 3" large than build size.  


Several fabric prints are offered, allowing the customer to personalize their belt.  


Bay Devil Belts offers the flexibility to add or remove features to best suit the customer.  Customers can add additional rings and  a second rod tube.  Belts can be made for both left and right handed anglers. 


Custom embroidery is available.  Several designs are available to choose from.  Set-Up Fees may apply if a customer chooses to use their own design.  Customer designs must fit in the space available, please be sure to discuss the size of your artwork.  Standard belts will include a pocket design, rod tube design, and angler's name in the purchase price.

* Copyrighted images, trademarks, logos, and other protected images may not be available.



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