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Embroidery Designs

Customers can choose a stock design or provide a design of their own.  Please note customer provided designs will need to be reviewed to determine if it will fit and be suitable for embroidery.  Provided logos, artwork, or images may require digitizing and may result in additional fees.  Below are just some of the designs offered.

Only a limited number of stock designs will fit on the rod tube.  All designs sewn on a black background.  Embroidery thread colors can be changed to match fabrics or customer preference.

Tx Flag Inlay
Speck in Half with Inlay
Trout and Red Soft Plastic
Trout and Red Bones
Don't Tread On Me
Port Mansfield
Red with Ragged Tx Flag
thumbnail (1)

Bay Devil Belts

thumbnail (2)

Roger Wader

thumbnail (3)

Got Bait

thumbnail (4)

Simple Trout & Topwater

thumbnail (5)

Trout & Bass Assasin

thumbnail (7)

Curved Redfish

thumbnail (8)

C&TI Corky

thumbnail (6)
thumbnail (10)

C&TI Topwater

thumbnail (9)

Detailed Red

thumbnail (11)
thumbnail (12)

Detailed Trout & Bass Assasin

thumbnail (16)

Cartoon Trout

thumbnail (13)

Circle Red - Rod Tube Only

thumbnail (15)
thumbnail (14)

Half Red with Space

thumbnail (17)

Punisher - Rod Tube Only

thumbnail (20)

Favorite Red

thumbnail (19)
thumbnail (18)

Salty Hooker - Rod Tube Only

thumbnail (21)
thumbnail (22)
thumbnail (23)

Pissed Trout - Heavy Stitch Count

thumbnail (24)

Speck & Super Spook

thumbnail (26)

Fin & Feather

thumbnail (25)

Woman Wade in Texas

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