As an avid wade fisherman I had a need for a wade belt that could withstand heavy use, the effects of saltwater, and provide functional features.  After a wade belt, of another brand, began to fall apart I sought to build my own.  I studied the areas most prone to fail and worked to build my belt.  By listening to the customers I gained valuable input and incorporated many suggestions to further improve the wade belts.


I believe continuous improvement is vital to offering the customer the highest value.  The process is never rushed and each belt requires approximately 4 to 5 hours to construct.  The level of quality in the workmanship and appearance should be immediately evident to the buyer upon receipt.   Each belt is made by hand in Adkins, Texas.  There is no mass production and depending on the season "build to ship" times can vary between 1 and 3 weeks.

Bay Devil Belts are made to fit the user specifically, I offer no standard sizing.  Each belt is made to order.  Most belts are made in a standard style with the same features.  However, depending on the belt size some configurations can be changed and features added. 


My goal is to build the kind of belt I would expect to have - strong, long lasting, and functional.  I take pride in my workmanship.  My goal is to meet or exceed your expectations in a wade belt.




For more information please email baydevilbelts@yahoo.com or call 210 710 1226.  Please allow time for response.