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Features & Benefits
Bay Devil Belts are made with synthetic materials to withstand use in saltwater.  There are no metal components that will rust or corrode leading to failure.
Bay Devil Belts are made with Cordura fabric which is strong and abrasion resistant.  Multiple fabric options are available.   The belts are sewn with strong upholstery grade polyester thread and resist the effect of wet applications.  Nylon webbing fully wraps around the belt for maximum strength.  High stress areas receive multiple stitch passes to insure strength.
An adjustable slide release buckle allows the user to increase or decrease the size.   A tri-glide is provided to secure excess webbing on the front left side.  A cam buckle and webbing is located on the left rear of the belt which enables the angler to secure a rolled stringer until needed.  Standard belts are also equipped with two large 2" D-Rings positioned low - one on each side.  The belt is equipped with a smaller ring  on the upper right rear side - this ring can be utilized for fish grips, securing wade nets, or other accessories.
Sewn to the front right side is a tool scabbard.  The scabbard allows the angler to carry pliers or a hook removing tool.  A length of elastic bungee is also provided to tie off your tool to prevent loss from accidental drops.
At the extreme right front side of the belt are two stinger loops.  This feature provides a specific location to attach fish stringers.  The loops allow for quick attachment and quick removal of stringers.  Your stringer will be securely fastened.  The area around the loops is reinforced with webbing to prevent stringer needle punctures and damaged to your belt.
An angled rod holder is located on the front left side.  The rod tube is flared on both ends to prevent loss and sewn to the exterior of the belt.  Additional rod tubes can be added (for an extra charge) provided the belt size is large enough to add them.
A pocket is sewn to the main body in the rear of the belt.  This pocket is tight fitting and will accept thin items.  Because Cordura does not stretch large items will not fit in the pocket.  Tackle boxes or large items will not fit.
Bay Devil Belts has a foam body interior.  This foam provides padding and comfort for those long wades.  The foam does not absorb water and remains light weight.  Bay Devil Belts will float but ARE NOT PERSONAL FLOATATION DEVICES
Bay Devil Belts can be machine washed (remove your accessories) and air dried.  Do not use harsh detergents or liquid bleach.   Bay Devil Belts dry fast - Do Not Place in a DRYER!


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